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Education and Training Partnership
Granite State College
Dolloff Building
117 Pleasant Street
Concord, NH 03301
Phone (603) 271-6625
Fax (603) 271-4947


Participant Responsibilities

  • Register for class prior to attending.
  • Complete the required fields on the registration form.
  • Follow policies regarding changes in registration including dropping courses (see pg. 8).
  • Attend all class sessions. Participants who miss a session must contact the instructor and make arrangements to make up the work. Failure to do so may result in non-award of CEUs.
  • Participate in class discussions and activities.
  • Retain all records of training.
Provide Resource Workers or supervisors with records of training.

Participants making any changes in class registration must do so by contacting the E&TP at 271-6625.

Drop Course (DC) is a cancellation of an individual registration. Participants must contact the E&TP to officially drop a course. Not attending classes does not constitute an automatic drop. Officially dropped courses are not recorded on a record of training. Once a class has begun, those who wish to drop a course must do so before the second class session or during the first week of distance learning course.

Participants who do not comply with this registration policy will receive a No Pass (NP) on their E&TP record of training.

Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) In compliance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, Granite State College protects the academic records of its learners, former learners, alumni, and E&TP training participants. Access requires written permission of the learner/training participant.

Directory information may be provided to DCYF without requiring permission of the participant. The E&TP considers the following directory information: name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, dates of attendance, and training hour verification.

Participants have the right to withhold disclosure of directory information and may do so in writing by contacting:

Education and Training Partnership
at Granite State College
117 Pleasant Street
Dolloff Bldg. - 3rd floor
Concord, NH   03301

Code of Conduct Policy at Granite State College Membership in society implies minimal norms for civil behavior towards one another. It is our expectation that all members of our college community treat faculty, staff, and fellow learners with respect.

Respect is the center of this policy statement. Disrespectful, intimidating, or inappropriate behaviors are not acceptable at GSC and should be reported as soon as possible. This policy applies to the entire GSC community including staff, faculty, students, visitors, vendors, etc.

Disabilities Participants with special needs should contact the E&TP Project Director at 271-6625.

Childcare Reimbursement (COT only)  Foster and Adoptive parents are eligible for a childcare stipend while attending classes. Call the E&TP at 271-6625 or ask your instructor for details.

Training Hour Verifications  The E&TP mails a record of training to a participant's home address within 4-6 weeks after the course is completed. The record of training includes course name, grade, and number of CEUs earned.

Unless you must receive a training verification immediately (for example, you are rushing to obtain or maintain your foster home license), please wait for your record of training. We appreciate your patience.

Please keep this important record as proof of your participation. If you are a foster parent, it will be important when it comes time for relicensing. If you are a residential staff person, it will be important when your facility is involved in recertification.

Foster parents may also utilize the Foster Parent Training Report (DCYF form #2364) that is provided by the Resource Worker to verify training hours.

Library Resources

The Family Resource Connection is a service of the NH State Library. Books, periodicals, articles, pamphlets, and videos focusing specifically on issues relating to children, adolescents, and families are available to NH residents. Materials are mailed directly to borrowers with a postage-paid envelope enclosed for convenient return.


Education and Training Partnership Staff

Suzanne Moberly 
Project Director III
Contract Administrator
Staff Supervisor
(603) 271-4946

Sheryl Tedford
Program Development Specialist
Foster and Adoptive Care Essentials
Training Coordinator
(603) 271-4689

Gail S. Thomas
Training Coordinator I
Caregiver Ongoing Training
(603) 271-4952

Kristyn Bond
Curriculum Planning Specialist
Program Development
(603) 271-0505

Mary Beth Masci
Program Evaluation and
Improvement Coordinator
(603) 271-6626

Heather Carter
Program Support Assistant
General Office
(603) 271-6625

Amy Rice
Administrative Assistant III
Web Site Maintenance
(603) 271-4945