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Foster Parent Training Programs

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Foster & Adoptive Care Essentials (FACES) Training

Foster & Adoptive Care Essentials Training (FACES) is offered to those interested in providing foster/adoptive/relative care. It consists of a minimum of 21 hours of training that promotes a better understanding of the child welfare system and working with children and families. This training assists in preparing individuals to be skilled caregivers and professional team members. Modules are primarily instructed by foster and adoptive parents.

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Please Note: Due to the sensitive nature of the Foster and Adoptive Care Essentials material, the Education and Training Partnership recommends that participants not bring children to class.


Caregiver Ongoing Training (COT)

The goal of Caregiver Ongoing Training (COT) is to enhance the quality of care for children living outside of their own homes and to provide the skills and mutual support necessary to address the daily issues that confront substitute caregivers. The program aims is to help children and strengthen families through well trained and supported caregivers.

Training is available to foster and eligible adoptive parents, DCYF staff, residential childcare staff, designated private providers and non-licensed relative caregivers. Instructors have been selected based on experience and expertise in their field and are able to respond to learners' individual needs.

Courses are offered for Continuing Education Units (CEU) and are designed to meet the requirements for:

  • Foster parent re-licensure
  • Emergency Foster Care
  • Specialized Care
  • Staff development

Whether you have a G.E.D., high school diploma, college degree or post graduate degree, all foster and eligible adoptive parents, residential staff, and DCYF staff are invited and encouraged to attend classes. Courses offered through the Education & Training Partnership are FREE of charge to eligible participants, and are funded through federal and state sources.

Classes are scheduled during days, evenings, and on Saturdays to be convenient and accessible to caregivers. Foster and adoptive parent groups and residential facility staff are encouraged to request classes to be scheduled in their area. Training is offered at various locations throughout the state including Granite State College Centers, DCYF offices, college classrooms, residential childcare facilities, community centers, hospitals, schools, libraries, and churches. Distance Learning opportunities are available through Online Interactive Courses, workbook, audio, and video based courses.


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Residential Counselor Core Training (RCCT)

New Hampshire Residential Counselor Core Training (RCCT) is offered to residential counselors, in preparation for their work with children and youth in care in any of New Hampshire's residential facilities. The intent of the training program is to ensure that participants receive peer support and high quality, transferable training that addresses the universal knowledge and skills applicable to the position of residential counselor, regardless of the facility in which they are employed.

A 30-hour competency based training series; the training consists of five modules, each six hours in length. The program provides generalized training that addresses the basic knowledge, skills and abilities essential to the position of residential counselor. Participants are introduced to the spectrum of out-of-home care options, the basic principles of child growth and development and abuse and neglect, cultural competence in working with children and families, and the variety of roles and responsibilities they may assume as counselors.


Abuse and Neglect of Children and Adolescents
Development and Child Trauma
Serving Children, Youth and Families
Staff Roles and Responsibilities
Out of Home Placement Options
Course Schedule and Descriptions
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Register for RCCT Classes
View the RCCT course schedule and descriptions