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North and Central
# Title City Day Dates Time Instructor CEU Register
7Safely Conducting Family Work-Residential OnlyJeffersonF9/289:00am-NoonK. Bond0.3Register
10Caring for Children who have Experienced TraumaNorthfieldSa9/29 & 10/69:00am-3:30pmS. Lewis1.2Register
12Positive Connections with Birth ParentsLancasterM10/16:00pm-9:00pmP. Eddy0.3Register
18Positive Connections with Birth FamiliesLittletonW10/106:00pm-9:00pmG. Sharpe0.3Register
35How's Your Stress Life?TamworthSa10/279:00am-3:30pmL. Fox-Phillips0.6Register
39Parenting Children who Exhibit Sexualized BehaviorsLancasterTh9/276:00pm-9:00pmR. Ouellet0.3Register
40The Trauma of Sexual AbuseLancasterSa10/139:00am-3:30pmR. Ouellet0.6Register
41Strategies for Managing Sexualized BehaviorsLancasterSa10/20 & 10/279:00am-3:30pmR. Ouellet1.2Register
South and Central
# Title City Day Dates Time Instructor CEU Register
11Unlocking Children's Learning StylesDerrySa9/299:00am-3:30pmA. Keef0.6Register
24Shared Parenting: Creating PartnershipsManchesterSa10/13 & 10/209:00am-3:30pmM. Kennedy1.2Register
26Guiding Teens Through NH TRAILSManchesterW10/17 & 11/149:00am-3:30pmT. Bond1.2Register
29Caring for Children who have Experienced TraumaNashuaSa10/20 & 10/279:00am-3:30pmJ. Pollinger1.2Register
30Caring for Children with Emotional DisabilitiesNashuaTu10/238:00am-11:00amL. Stanley0.3Register
31The Unique Needs of Adolescents and their CaregiversNashuaTu10/2311:30am-2:30pmL. Fiasconaro-Conway0.3Register
32The Trauma of Sexual AbuseNashuaTu10/238:00am-2:30pmR. Ouellet0.6Register
33Exploring AdoptionManchesterTh11/1 & 11/156:00pm-9:00pmN. Myette0.6Register
38Emergency Foster Care TrainingManchesterSa11/179:00am-3:30pmG. Sharpe0.6Register
43Guiding Teens Through NH TRAILSManchesterTh11/1 & 11/88:30am-3:00pmK. Bond1.2Register
# Title City Day Dates Time Instructor CEU Register
6Positive Connections with Birth ParentsDoverM9/24 & 10/297:00-8:30pmL. Stanley0.3Register
19Safely Conducting Family Work-Residential OnlyDoverF10/129:00am-NoonK. Bond0.3Register
36Severe Behaviors of Youth in PlacementDoverSa10/139:00am-3:30pmL. Carrera0.6Register
# Title City Day Dates Time Instructor CEU Register
5The Challenging Adolescent: Strategies that WorkClaremontSa9/22 & 9/299:00am-3:30pmR. Ouellet1.2Register
13Strategies for Managing Sexualized BehaviorsGreenfieldTh10/4 & 10/119:00am-3:30pmR. Ouellet1.2Register
17Attachment: A Child's Ability to ConnectKeeneSa10/6 & 10/139:00am-3:30pmM. Blau1.2Register
25Exploring AdoptionClaremontTu10/16 & 10/306:00pm-9:00pmM. Feola-Mahar0.6Register
Statewide Distance Learning Courses
# Title City Day Dates Time Instructor CEU Register
1Maintaining Relationships and Promoting ConnectionsOnline9/15-10/12S. Tedford1.2Register
2Transitions in Adolescent DevelopmentOnline9/15-10/12T. Neville-Carey1.2Register
3Attachment: A Child's Ability to ConnectOnline9/22-10/19M. Blau1.2Register
4Autism Spectrum DisorderOnline9/22-10/19D. Derapelian1.2Register
8Youth Safety in the Age of TechnologyOnline9/29-10/26T. Craig1.2Register
9Promoting Healthy Eating Habits in ChildrenOnline9/29-10/26E. Mumford1.2Register
14Medications: What Residential Staff Need to KnowEworkbook10/6-10/19S. Auvil0.6Register
15The Challenging Adolescent: Strategies that WorkOnline10/6-11/2K. Bond1.2Register
16Parents in Prison: Keeping Kids ConnectedOnline10/6-11/2D. Millis1.2Register
20Guiding Teens Through NH TRAILSWorkbook10/13-11/16T. Bond1.2Register
21Communicable & Infectious DiseasesEworkbook10/13-11/9L. Kincaid1.2Register
22Child Abuse and NeglectOnline10/13-11/9T. Neville-Carey1.2Register
23Complexities of Sibling RelationshipsOnline10/13-11/9S. Tedford1.2Register
27Shared Parenting: Creating PartnershipsOnline10/20-11/16M. Kennedy1.2Register
28Conflict and Anger ManagementOnline10/20-11/16F. Vicente1.2Register
34Medications: Residential Staff ReviewEworkbook10/27-11/2L. Nicola0.3Register