Granite State College: University System of New Hampshire

About Online Learning

The popularity of online learning has continued to increase since its inception, and for adults with busy lives and hectic schedules, taking a course online is an excellent way to learn. Research shows that online courses are just as effective and rigorous as face-to-face instruction. You should also be aware that even though they are delivered in a more flexible way, online courses require just as much time and effort as a traditional course.

Online Interactive Course Requirements

To be successful in an online course, you must:
  • Work at your own pace and organize your time to meet assignment deadlines.
  • Access your course via the Internet to communicate via email, chat, and other electronic methods.
  • Participate in a dynamic learning environment with students from New Hampshire and beyond.
  • Be comfortable with the following computer skills:
    • Using a mouse and keyboard
    • Saving and finding files and folders on a computer
    • Copying/cutting and pasting text
    • Using a word processing application, such as Microsoft Word
    • Attaching and uploading documents and assignments
    • Sending and receiving email
    • Using one or more web browsers to surf the web
    • Finding information using search engines, such as Google

 Technical Requirements

  • A computer running a current operating system such the Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Mac OS X Lion, or Mac OS X Mountain Lion operating system.
  • Access to the Internet. DSL or Broadband access is recommended. 
  • A web browser such as Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer. Important Note: Firefox is the recommended browser for use with eLearning+ (GSC’s Moodle learning management system.) See GSC IT Help: Browser Settings for specific web browser compatibility information.  
  • Anti-virus software.
  • Word processing software is needed to complete and submit some assignments. The most recent version of Microsoft Office (for Windows or Mac) is recommended. Student discounts on Microsoft Office are available through the UNH Computer Store.
  • Some courses will require specific software.  See syllabus for details.
  • Once enrolled, every student receives a Go.Granite email account. Important communications within your online course will be sent to your Go.Granite email.  You can choose to forward these messages to your preferred email account.