Granite State College: University System of New Hampshire

About Online Learning

For adults with busy lives and hectic schedules, taking an online course is very convenient. Research shows that online courses are just as effective and rigorous as face-to-face instruction. You should also be aware that even though they are delivered in a more flexible way, online courses require just as much time and effort as a traditional course.

Our online degree programs are available in New Hampshire and several other states. Please contact us to meet with an advisor to discuss the availability of programs in your state. If you are seeking a program that leads to a professional license or certification, you are responsible for verifying that the program meets requirements for licensure in your state. Review State Authorization details for more information.

Online Course Requirements

To be successful in an online course, be prepared to:
  • access your course regularly via the Internet. Participate in a dynamic learning environment with other students and the instructor. 
  • organize your time to complete assignments and meet deadlines. In addition, you should be comfortable with the following computer skills:
    • saving and finding files and folders on a computer;
    • copying/cutting and pasting text;
    • using a word processing application, such as Microsoft Word;
    • attaching and uploading documents and assignments;
    • sending and receiving email; and
    • using a supported web browser to access your course and other online resources on the Web.

Technical Requirements

  • a computer running a current operating system with speaker; regular access to the Internet using a current browser (DSL or Broadband access is recommended)
  • anti-virus software
  • word processing software to complete and submit assignments
  • some courses will require specific software; see the course syllabus for details

State Authorizations

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