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Achieve Highly Qualified Status

Granite State College helps paraeducators achieve Highly Qualified status from the New Hampshire Department of Education (NHDOE) through Option C Alternative Assessment.

Paraeducators are required to demonstrate knowledge in the ability to assist in instruction in reading, writing, and mathematics, as well as meet the standards in professionalism and classroom management.

We can help.

By completing the courses listed below, you are eligible to receive a Highly Qualified letter from the School of Education at Granite State College. Upon receipt of this letter, you can then complete the application procedure for Paraeducator II Certification through the NHDOE Bureau of Credentialing.


Standards for Paraeducator II Certification
Granite State College Courses that Meet the Standards
Knowledge of Reading CRIT 501 Critical Inquiry
Knowledge of Writing ENG 500 The Writing Process (Prerequisite: CRIT 500 Critical Thinking)
Knowledge of Mathematics MATH 502 Contemporary College Mathematics (Prerequisite grade of B in Math 405 or a passing score on Arithmetic or Elementary Algebra Placement Assessments)
Professionalism and Classroom Management EDU 510 Foundations of Education
Instructional Skills EDU 607A Instructional Methods, Strategies and Technologies to Meet the Needs of All Students (Prerequisite: EDU 510 Foundations of Education)



For more information call the School of Education at 603.822.5431.