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Prior Learning Assessment


In addition to transferring credits from accredited colleges and universities, Granite State College grants credit for prior learning through other means such as military training, professional certification, or equivalency testing. The process of evaluating these credentials is known as Prior Learning Assessment (PLA).

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  • Prior learning assessment can be used to meet general education requirements, courses in the major, courses in the minor, or general electives.
  • Prior learning credit can be awarded as a block or as individual course equivalencies.
  • You can choose among several options for demonstrating college-level learning acquired from many types of life experiences, including workplace training, on-the-job learning, volunteer training, or self-study:
    1. Workplace & military training evaluated by the American Council on Education (ACE) or the New York Board of Regents’ National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS).
    2. Training evaluated by GSC
    3. Certification or License from Professional Credentialing Body
    4. Standardized Testing (CLEP/DSST/Excelsior)
    5. Experiential Learning Portfolio.

  • If your learning doesn't exactly fit the current available options for requesting credit, an individualized option can be developed for you.
  • Prior learning options within in an associate degree program may total up to 30 credits; for a bachelor’s program, up to 60 credits.



  • Standardized testing fees are low
    • CLEP Test, $80 + $25 GSC registration fee
    • DSST Test, $80 + $30 GSC registration fee
  • For up to one year after your admission to Granite State College, a flat fee of $350 (effective for the 2016-17 academic year) covers the submission and evaluation of multiple credit requests.



  • Prior learning assessment focuses on identifying and demonstrating your strengths.
  • Prior learning assessment provides an opportunity for reflective learning.
  • Prior learning assessment integrates prior learning with the courses you will take at GSC, resulting in a very rich academic experience.



Director of Individualized LearningHelp from the Director of Individualized Learning is also available by e-mailing or calling 603-822-5416.