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The search for a graduate's a methodical process. It drives you to zone in on your goals and talents, challenging you to find an opportunity that will properly leverage these traits and lead you to success.

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The search process is not easy, and it can be difficult to find the support that will help inform your final decision. Ultimately, you are the only true expert on your goals - explore how Granite State College fits in.

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Each day, we see and experience how the average college student is challenged by expensive tuition rates - a predicament that’s always a top concern for working adults. This drives our students to look at affordable online institutions, like Granite State College, and being recognized among the nation’s best by U.S. News & World Report for our business programs is a special honor.

Student Profile

Paul Dean earned his B.S. in Criminal Justice Management from GSC in 2004 and added a master’s degree in Leadership to his academic credentials ten years later. His ultimate goal is to earn his doctorate and become a professor, using his degree and his 29 years in law enforcement to give back. Read Paul’s full story here.



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>> School Leadership with School Librarian Certification

>> School Leadership with School Principal Certification


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