Granite State College: University System of New Hampshire

Psychology (B.S.)

Understand human behavior through an interdisciplinary approach. At the bachelor’s level, students build on their foundational knowledge of the variables affecting human behavior to examine both individual and collective dynamics. Given its broad applicability, an undergraduate degree in psychology offers graduates many career options, as well as an appropriate foundation for further study in graduate school. An understanding of human psychology coupled with critical thinking skills make GSC's B.S. in Psychology graduates strong candidates for any position in which they interact with, analyze, or manage people. This program also provides a strong foundation for further graduate study. Specific career areas may include: sales, management, research, advertising, public relations, or administration.

Students will:

  • differentiate and critically analyze biological, psychological, social, cultural, and contextual constructs that provide an understanding of human behavior within a global world view, and communicate this knowledge effectively.
  • compare and contrast theoretical assumptions in psychology and related disciplines.
  • use computer technology, as well as quantitative and scientific reasoning, to function as informed consumers of behavioral science research.
  • analyze human behavior using theories and concepts that focus on both individual dynamics and group and system dynamics.
  • apply ethical principles that guide and inform the conduct of research and clinical practice.
  • apply psychology concepts, principles, skills and methods.

Flexible delivery formats such as evening, online, hybrid, and weekend intensive courses ensure that the program is accessible to working adults of all ages. In addition, this degree allows a seamless transition from the associate to the baccalaureate degree. See a list of required courses for this program on our Curriculum Map. Download a printable version of the curriculum map.