Granite State College: University System of New Hampshire


Students may specialize further by selecting a minor in an area of interest. Minors are optional and are open to all bachelor’s degree candidates. Students may use two courses from the major to fulfill minor requirements. All minors consist of five courses, at least two of which must be upper level. Required courses may have prerequisites. Two minors are allowed with no more than two courses overlapping across major or minor requirements in either direction. Courses must be completed with a C or better to be included in a minor.

Adult Learning and Development Minor
This minor provides knowledge to maximize adult learning in training, consulting, or instructional environments. Students will develop an understanding of the unique qualities, motivations, and capabilities of the adult student.

INST 605 Teaching and Learning in Adulthood
PSY 607 The Learning Workplace OR
INST 610 Instructional Design and Interactive Learning
PSY 616 Psychology of Occupational Stress
PSY 615 Psychology of Adulthood*
INST 650 Program Development and Learning


Digital Communications and Social Media
The Minor in Digital Communications and Social Media enables students to explore the role of social media in the rapidly evolving world of digital communications. Students will gain an understanding of interactive artifacts through various platforms; and identify trends in communication technologies. This minor is designed to assist the student in the application of digital communications to their professional field of study.

COMM 505 Foundations of Digital Media Production
COMM 601 Trends in Digital and Social Media
CMPL 622 Human Computer Interaction
Two approved electives: ARTS 504; COMM 504, COMM 604, COMM 602; MGMT 514, MKTG 51


Family Studies
This minor explores evolving family structures in contemporary American society. With a foundation in family communication patterns, family life stages, systems theory and family functioning, students are prepared to support children and families in educational, social, and human service organizations.

HLTC 629 Law and Ethics for Health Care and Human Services
PSY 509 Human Development
SOSC 604 Dynamics of Family Relationships
SOSC 605 Stress and the Family
One approved elective: EDU 602*, 603; MGMT 621; PSY 508, 510, SOC 607; SOSC 630*, 637* (PSY 508 Child Development or EDU 602 Young Children with Special Needs* is recommended)


This minor provides foundational skills for careers related to finance. It can also prepare the student to be a member of the financial management team in small or mid-sized enterprises or for self-employment.

MGMT 511 Financial Accounting*
MGMT 611 Money and Banking*
MGMT 612 Investment Principles*
MGMT 613 Financial Management* OR
ECO 600 International Economics*
MGMT 625 Legal and Ethical Issues in Business Management* OR
MGMT 615 Financial Modeling and Decision-Making

Health Care

This minor explores significant areas of the dynamic and complex health care industry. This minor provides a solid foundation for health care managers and staff, human resource professionals, and others whose work responsibilities intersect with this growing industry.

HLTC 550 The Emerging U.S.Health Care System
HLTC 629 Law and Ethics for Health Care and Human Service
HLTC 638 Health Care Policy
MGMT 555 Introducation to Fiscal Management in Health Care
One approved elective: APST 515; HLTC 626, 627*; MGMT 608*, 620*, 621; PSY 616; SCI 508, SCI 509; SOSC 630*

Human Development

This minor provides a closer look at the development of the individual from conception to death. Students will gain an overall perspective on human development and will also study a particular age range. This minor is helpful to those working in developmental and educational service organizations and provides a foundation for advanced studies in social work or human services.

PSY 509 Human Development
PSY 608 Social Psychology*
PSY 609 Cognition and Learning*
One course from:
PSY 508 Child Development
PSY 615 Psychology of Adulthood*
SOSC 630 Aspects of Aging
One approved elective: HLTC 629; PSY 508, 510, 602*, 606*, 615*; SCI 502, 600*; SOC 601*, 607; SOSC 604, 630*, 637*

Human Resources
This minor develops skills for the varied and significant roles that the human resources professional fills in an organization. The minor focuses on developing leadership and managerial skills for the HR professional as an agent of organizational change in the workplace.

MGMT 518 Human Resource Administration
MGMT 566 Organizational Behavior
MGMT 606 Human Resources and Organizational Development
MGMT 607 Human Resources and the Law* OR
MGMT 625 Legal and Ethical issues in Business Management*
One approved elective: APST 515; INST 605, 607, 610; MGMT 608*, 620*, 621; PSY 603, 616; SOC 603

Human Services

This minor enables a student to examine the organization and delivery of a wide range of human services and professions. Focus areas include ethical practice, intervention approaches, and skill development and theory that students can apply in support roles in a variety of social service and health care agencies.

BEHS 502 Introduction to Human Services and the Helping Process
PSY 603 Crisis Intervention
PSY 604 Counseling Theories*
Two approved electives: APST 515; COMM 550, 551; CRIM 603; HLTC 612*, 626, 629, 630*; MGMT 621; SCI 600*; PSY 509, 602, 608*, 616, 617*; SOC 601*, 607; SOSC 604, 605, 630*, 637*

Information Technology

This minor enables managers at any level to understand and use information technology as a resource to improve an organization’s efficiency.

CMPL 515 Programming Fundamentals*
CMPL 612 Advanced Software Tools*
CMPL 614 Computer and Network Systems*
MGMT 622 Database Management Systems*
MGMT 623 Systems Analysis and Design *


This minor provides a foundation in management theory and practice for those interested in public or private sector management. Students may choose electives that complement their career interests and primary area of study.

MGMT 500 Principles of Management OR
MGMT 501 Introduction to Public Administration
MGMT 511 Financial Accounting*
MGMT 566 Organizational Behavior
MGMT 625 Legal and Ethical Issues in Business Management*

One approved elective at the upper level: ECO 600*; HLTC 627*, 629, 638*; INST 607, 610; PSY 616; SOC 603; or one upper level MGMT elective.

A minor in Marketing supplies students across various programs, a unique set of skills that they may use in a diverse array of professional settings post-graduation. This minor is a nice addition to the skills students need entering into managerial levels in human services/social sciences, behavioral sciences, and would particularly be a useful addition to the service hospitality and business oriented programs.

MGMT 500 Principles of Management
MGMT 514 Principles of Marketing
MKTG 617 Consumer Behavior*

Two approved electives: MGMT 618*, 624*, 626*, 629*; MKTG 616*, 515*, 615*, 617*; COMM 601*, 602*

* Note: These courses have prerequisites.