Granite State College: University System of New Hampshire

Communication Studies (B.S.)

Develop strong critical thinking skills, accurately craft and decode key messages, and increase your aptitude in oral and written communication. Whether you choose to double major in Communication Studies and a specific workforce preparation field such as Health Care Management or Information Technology, continue on for graduate study, or enter your chosen profession as a baccalaureate-level graduate, as a graduate of this program, you will add more value to any organization you join once you’ve honed these areas of knowledge. Specific careers may include: Communications Coordinator, Public Affairs, Reporter, Web Developer, Director of Communications, Marketing Communications Specialist, Media Relations Coordinator.

Students will:

  • survey foundational theories of communication relating to individuals, groups, and mass media.
  • create and deploy distinct messages suited to various audiences, situations, and settings.
  • identify strengths and weaknesses of communication practices in organizations and effect strategic improvements to those practices.
  • analyze and critique rhetorical strategies and communication methods specific to cultural, media, and industry norms.
  • employ an understanding of the impact of cultural differences on communication in a global context.
  • demonstrate aptitude with qualitative and quantitative research methodology and data analysis as these inform and are applied in the field of communication studies.
  • integrate individual reflection on questions of ethics, conflict, and citizenship as these shape human communication.

Flexible delivery formats such as evening, online, hybrid, and weekend intensive courses ensure that the program is accessible to working adults of all ages. In addition, this degree allows a seamless transition from the associate to the baccalaureate degree.

See a list of required courses for this program on our Curriculum Map. Download a printable version of the curriculum map.