Granite State College: University System of New Hampshire

Information Technology (B.S.)

Build your foundation in programming and technology and acquire the organizational knowledge and tools necessary for broadly applying information technology across key organizations, levels, and domains -- including database management, operating systems, networks, and Internet essentials.  While the field continues to be very robust, computer network, systems, and database administrators -- particularly those with college degrees -- are expected to enjoy the best opportunities. The degree also serves as appropriate preparation for GSC’s Master of Science in Project Management. Specific careers may include: Senior Database Administrator, IT Administrator, Lead System Developer, Systems/Network Administrator, Information Services Manager.

*Earned associate degree required to apply to Degree Completion Pathway.

Students will:

  • possess proficiency in information technology, including programming fundamentals, software, network systems, and databases, as well as their relevant web interfaces and applications.
  • demonstrate both practical skills and theoretical knowledge of information technology, enabling graduates to make a professional contribution to organizations across sectors.
  • engage in effective critical thinking and problem-solving in the field of information technology.
  • assess the needs of technology users and articulate appropriate strategies for meeting those needs through hardware and software.

Flexible delivery formats such as evening, online, hybrid, and weekend intensive courses ensure that the program is accessible to working adults of all ages. In addition, this degree allows a seamless transition from the associate to the baccalaureate degree. See a list of required courses for this program on our Curriculum Map. Download a printable version of the curriculum map.