Granite State College: University System of New Hampshire


Innovation combined with more of what you want out of a college...

Learning is a lifelong process. Whatever your age or situation, Granite State College can help you reach your goals. We specialize in teaching adults, so we know that you're balancing many responsibilities. That's why Granite State College offers day, evening, Saturday, weekend intensive, online, and hybrid classes. Giving you more options means that you can learn when it fits your schedule.

Our academic programs are designed for your success as well. With degrees in high-demand fields, classes that keep you engaged, and faculty and staff who are truly dedicated to your success, you can feel confident that your studies at Granite State College will empower you for a successful future.


Flexible Schedules!
We offer traditional once-a-week evening classes, and we also offer courses on weekends. If you want to attend class while your children are in school, we even offer weekday classes. This alternative is also handy if you work at night.
Get Your Degree Faster!
Granite State College offers you the opportunity to take intensive classes to help you get your degree faster. Instead of spanning twelve weeks, an intensive class may last only four weekends or six Saturdays. Or, it may be a long weekend educational retreat held in locations as diverse as the Isles of Shoals or the Mt. Washington Valley. Enrich your educational experience outside the traditional four walls of a classroom!


Classes in Your Pajamas!
This exciting option is another way Granite State College meets the unique needs of adults. Through online courses (OICs), you have the convenience of learning when it fits your schedule, while benefiting from interaction with your instructor and classmates.


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