Granite State College: University System of New Hampshire

President's Welcome


The Granite State College mission is to provide access to public higher education to adults of all ages throughout the State of New Hampshire.

While that statement is accurate, it also seems incomplete, because it is not explicit about where that access to public higher education can take you.

Certainly, learning has inherent value, but learning harnessed to purpose is powerful.  That’s what can transform lives, create opportunities, strengthen communities, and change the world.

At Granite State College, our vision is to work with motivated students like you to achieve those goals that require knowledge, and competencies, and experience harnessed to purpose.

With extensive online courses, face-to-face offerings in nine physical locations, credit awarded for prior learning, and selected competency-based programs, we at Granite State College are prepared to help you to succeed.

Mark Rubinstein
President, Granite State College