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Granite State College Student Writes, Illustrates and Publishes Children's Book

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Granite State College Student Writes, Illustrates and Publishes Children's Book
Claremont resident Roseanne Veillette puts her talents to work teaching children

Claremont, NH –  There's a world where kids are fascinated by the planet, its rainforests, coral reefs and oceans offering a glimpse into a new world that captures their rapt attention. In this world, two squirrels act as gracious hosts, handily hopping among Earth's ecosystems in their hot air balloon, anxiously pointing out animals or plants of interest. That's right, the squirrels talk – and they even have names. Ben offers facts and useful tidbits; Buck provides comic relief. It's a dynamic adventure and learning experience all wrapped up in a children's book. And it was created right here in Claremont.

Roseanne Veillette, a resident of Claremont and a student at Granite State College (GSC) in Claremont, is the creator of Buck and Ben Explore the Rainforest, the fictional world inhabited by two intrepid squirrels whose aim is to teach kids about our planet. Veillette, 44, not only wrote the book, which is aimed at 3- to 8-year-olds, but illustrated its 16 pages.

"I chose to do a children's book because I feed that it's important to make a positive impression on kids while they are young," said Veillette. "I had my niece and nephews in mind as I designed the characters and the adventure. The idea behind the book was to bring forward the treasures of our planet. I thought if children were familiarized with animals and fun places they would be more likely to appreciate – and maybe want to protect – them when they became adults."

Veillette will graduate from GSC in December with a Bachelor's in Art and plans to immediately enroll in GSC's teacher certification program with the aim of becoming an elementary school teacher.

"I've never had one lifelong dream, rather, I've followed my interests and passions and established my personal goals along the way," she said. "Publishing a children's book was one of them and I hope to make an entire series out of the Ben and Buck concept."

Veillette loves to write and has an affinity for art, especially drawing. Her artwork will be featured on the cover of GSC's next course catalog. Meanwhile, despite the length of time required to create the book (it took her two years) and the harrowing experience of getting her first book published ("that was certainly an experience!" she says), Veillette plans to keep at it. She's hard at work on Buck and Ben Explore the Coral Reef, writing and drawing the next installment in the endearing squirrels' adventures.

She says her experience in the classroom at GSC has proven empowering and inspirational – and it partly responsible for the reality Buck and Ben have become.

"One of the biggest influences I had from my education at GSC was the enthusiasm of my teachers," said Veillette. "Regardless of the subject they were teaching, they had a deep passion for teaching and bringing out the best in each student.  All of my classes left an impression on me, but Creativity: The Untapped Potential really opened my eyes, and Mr. Bennett taught me that I could paint, even though I knew I could not (a pleasant surprise)."

Buck and Ben Explore the Rainforest is available for purchase online at and at Veillette's website,

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