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Feedback solicited from Granite State College

University System of New Hampshire Board of Trustees

As your University System Student Board (USSB) representative, I wanted to take this opportunity to inform you on the status of a bill that is being brought forward during this legislative session. The bill affects the voting power of student representation on the University System of New Hampshire, Board of Trustees. The University of New Hampshire (UNH), Plymouth State University (PSU), Keene State College (KSC), and Granite State College (GSC) make up the University System of New Hampshire which is overseen by one Board of Trustees. Each institution has an elected student representative to the board. Two of these representatives each year are appointed as voting trustees on the board. The remaining two representatives have no voting power. Currently the appointment of the voting student trustees is set by NH RSA 187-A:13 which allows for a rotation schedule including UNH, PSU and KSC. GSC is not included in the rotation. Therefore we are the only institution without student voting power.

A bill was filed this fall by a student of UNH, State Representative St. Cyr, who is seeking to remove the rotation schedule and increase the number of voting students from two to three. As the bill was filed, GSC was still not included as a voting trustee. After meeting with Rep. St. Cyr, he has agreed to amend the bill to include GSC to have an equal voice on the board and increase the voting student trustees on the board from two to four, one from each of the sister institutions. This bill will be heard before the NH House of Representatives at a date not yet determined in January of 2010.

Students from each of the institutions will be asked to speak to the house and testify in support of this new bill, which now includes language supporting a GSC voting student trustee. As your USSB representative for Granite State College, I seek to represent our students to the best of my ability. Toward that end, I would welcome any feedback, letters of support or opposition in this matter, as well as any requests to testify before the House of Representatives in January. As the bill progresses through the NH House and Senate, I will do my utmost to update you. I may be reached at and look forward to hearing from you regarding this very important matter. Thank you.

Deidre Romeo