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Granite State College Selected for Prestigious Competency-Based Education Initiative


Granite State College is among fourteen universities and colleges that have been selected to participate in the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) Competency Based Education (CBE) Jumpstart program, CAEL CEO and President Pamela Tate announced today. Funded by the Lumina Foundation, the initiative will help build the capacity of higher education institutions to offer competency-based education degree programs to assist students so they can make progress towards a degree by successfully completing assessments of a defined set of competencies, rather than solely through successful completion of credit-hour based coursework. For many, this could dramatically decrease the time it takes for them to earn a degree.

In making the announcement Tate said, “Competency-based approaches take the important step of placing the focus on what a student knows and can do, while minimizing the importance of where the student learned it or how long it took to learn. CAEL is excited to be working with these colleges and universities to help them launch CBE initiatives to enable adults to access new learning modes, demonstrate their college-level competencies and progress more rapidly to degree completion.”

The move toward embracing CBE has been growing as numbers of higher education officials and legislators across the country continue to support it as an option for students pursuing a degree.  President Obama praised CBE in his August 2013 speech on affordability in higher education, and the Governors in Indiana, Texas and Wisconsin have also supported competency-based approaches in postsecondary education.

“When it comes to providing opportunities for adults to receive a college degree, there should be many different options for them to access learning and credentials which is why competency-based education is so vital,” concluded Tate.  “We are exctited to be working with these colleges and universities to help expand opportunities for everyone pursing a degree, and thank Lumina Foundation for their generous support of this important initiative.”

The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning
(CAEL) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization based in Chicago, Illinois that assists adults with their educational endeavors, finding practical ways to help them earn college credit for learning acquired through life and work experiences toward the completion of a postsecondary degree.