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New Hampshire legislators empower Granite State College to award substantial scholarship dollars to the state’s neediest students

As a result of the funding restoration of the University System of New Hampshire, Granite State College (GSC), along with its sister institutions, has committed to using these funds to help make college more affordable for New Hampshire residents.

“New Hampshire lawmakers gave an important call to action when they restored USNH funding: use these funds to support scholarships for the students who need it the most in our state. This is a charge that Granite State College is excited and honored to fulfill,” said Kathi Mullin, Chief Administrative Officer of Granite State College.

At Granite State College, the focus has always been access. GSC works to confront the barriers that can prevent adult students from achieving their degree by providing flexible programs, such as online courses and multiple “close to home” campuses across the state, and the most affordable tuition in New Hampshire. With funding restoration, GSC can be even more effective at meeting these demands by further cutting down the cost of tuition.

“The students at GSC have a unique need for financial aid: from the information reported on students’ FAFSA forms, 25% of our students qualify for full financial aid assistance and 44% of our students receive Pell Grants. Even with a very obvious need, the reality is that nearly every student will have to pay somehow. Having the ability to award grants and scholarships with our restored funding will give our students the opportunity to attend Granite State College without their very real, and very serious financial pressure,” said Dr. Barbara Layne, Executive Director of Financial Aid at Granite State College.

Current Granite State College students who want to see if they’re eligible for these grant opportunities are encouraged to contact their Academic Coach.

Prospective students can call the Student Information Center at 1.855.GSC4ALL or email to learn more.