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Granite State College Captures Top Spot in National College Rankings

For the second year in a row, Granite State College (GSC) has achieved a top 5 national ranking in Washington Monthly’s 2013 Liberal Arts College Rankings for “Social Mobility,” securing the #1 spot in New England, as well as being named the nation’s second-highest ranked public institution in the category.

Since 2005, Washington Monthly magazine has published their college rankings based on three critical factors: social mobility, research production, and commitment to service. The “Social Mobility” category gives colleges credit for enrolling students with financial challenges and helping them earn degrees.

According to the editors, the rankings assess student success through predicted and actual graduation rates, along with the overall cost for attendance, so colleges that are both effective and inexpensive receive the highest marks.

“Granite State College is all about the social mobility of our students,” said Chief Administrative Officer Kathi Mullin. “We pride ourselves on putting our students first and it's great to see that our hard work is being noticed.”

Recently President Obama proposed that the government institute similar rankings aimed at holding institutions of higher learning accountable for costs and performance. In their letter of congratulations to Granite State College, the Washington Monthly editorial staff cites the President’s remarks, adding “by giving credit where it’s due to colleges that are truly fulfilling their public obligations, we hope to elevate our shared values and recognize college leaders who are doing the right thing.”

As one of four public institutions within the University System of New Hampshire, GSC services a statewide student population with affordable tuition, 100% online degree programs, four full-service campuses and five additional academic sites throughout the state.