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GSC Works is an initiative that provides a place for the Granite State College community to come together to voice our collective support for continued access to higher education in New Hampshire.

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In 2011, New Hampshire lawmakers made a substantial 48% cut to the University System of New Hampshire’s (USNH) budget—the most severe cuts made to public funding for education in our nation’s history. During this time, GSC experienced strong enrollment growth and we are now serving more students than ever in spite of this drastic reduction to our level of funding.

The impact of these cuts was felt across the USNH system, and GSC Works serves as our community's call-to-action approach to hurdle this challenge in a way that is attentive to the challenges of our economy, while providing reliable and affordable access to education for the citizens of New Hampshire.

Budget Facts and Highlights

Granite State College's Mission

The mission of Granite State College is to expand access to quality public higher education to adults of all ages throughout the state of New Hampshire.  Our mission of delivering unparalleled, high quality education in an affordable, flexible, and innovate setting is more relevant than ever.  Our recent enrollment success reaffirms the important role GSC plays in New Hampshire.

GSC's Economic Impact

Our Collective Goal

Together with our fellow USNH institutions, we hope to convince state lawmakers to restore the 48% cut that was made the USNH budget in 2011 in exchange for a two year in-state tuition freeze and a commitment to provide more financial aid.

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How You Can Help

Contact Your Legislator

As a citizen, you are always free to contact your lawmakers to discuss the issues in New Hampshire and voice your concerns.

Click here to find out who your state lawmakers are and how to contact them.

Write a Letter of Support to a Newspaper

One important way you can contribute is by writing a letter to the editors of your local news publications. Background information and facts about Granite State College are available here.

General Reminders:

Please remember to keep your remarks positive, respectful, and focused on the value of GSC and its tremendous benefits to the people of New Hampshire. Equally important, please refrain from personal attacks on individual candidates and their campaigns.

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GSC Works - be an advocate


Want to spread the word about affordable, accessible higher education for New Hampshire students?  Click this link to send an email to your friends, family, and colleagues that have been positively affected by Granite State College's commitment to empowering New Hampshire's adult students. 


Below is a list of news publications around the state with links to submit a letter to the editor: